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Aberchirder is a small village that was founded in 1764. It was a planned community and is built in a grid pattern, with houses having large, long gardens that were initially to allow residents to supplement their food supply. The village is known as Foggieloan or simply Foggie by the residents. It is thought there was a small farm town called Foggieloan to the north of the existing site, and when the Laird of Auchintoul built the village the residents refused to call it Aberchirder. This tradition has been maintained for over 250 years. So, while Aberchirder is the name on the map, Foggie is preferred if you want to blend in with the locals. This area to the north East of Huntly, like much of Aberdeenshire has a long history as a successful farming community and the legacy of that is that there are many rural roads links local farms and small hamlets. Our network has five routes that begin in Foggie.You will find car parking in the centre of the village. There are local shops for supplies but less visitor accommodation in the smaller Aberdeenshire villages.