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Known locally as The Broch (an Iron Age, drystone structure and the old Scots word for fort), Fraserburgh is a major fishing port specialising in shellfish, white fish and pelagic. The town was founded in the early 16th century by the Fraser family, and the first harbour was built in 1590. If you have time, you could visit Kinnaird Head Lighthouse or the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. The town is also famous for its array of impressive 19th century churches. There is no hiding from the fact that the Buchan Coast can be breezy and a degree or two colder than inland, but it has some truly beautiful scenery that can be underrated, even by those who live in the North East. The coastline along to Banff is outstanding and features some of Scotland’s most atrractive coastal villages. If visiting Fraserburgh for a cycling day trip, you will find parking at the Lighthouse museum (follow the signs). This is one of Aberdeenshire’s biggest towns and therefore you’ll find all the facilities you will need in Fraserburgh.