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Fyvie is in the very heart of Aberdeenshire and one of the smallest villages on our network – but it’s a small village with a major attraction. It is worth seeking out St Peters Church which has Pictish symbols and crosses built in to the east gable. However, a mile from the village is the hugely impressive Fyvie Castle which dates from the early 13th century, though most of the building is newer. The gardens were beautifully landscaped during the 19th century, and the whole estate was passed to the National Trust for Scotland in 1984. The castle is said to be haunted, though this might be a claim made about every Scottish castle! Fyvie is something of a crossroads and that influences it’s appearance on our network, as it stands at the centre of Aberdeenshire’s agricultural heartland and also at the centre of hundreds of miles of small countryside roads that are so enjoyed by cyclists.If arriving in Fyvie for a day of cycking, you will find car parking on the south side of the village just north of the bridge over the River Ythan.