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Peterhead is the most eastern point of mainland Scotland and is known as the Blue Toon. It was officially founded in 1593 and was immediately recognised for its natural harbour. The town has a dark history in relation to whaling, but from the early 19th century herring became the major catch. With the discovery of oil in the North Sea in the 1970s, Peterhead became a major services centre, but fishing is still the predominant industry it is the largest port for fish landing in the UK, and the largest white-fish port in Europe. There is some wonderful architecture in Peterhead, mainly fanning out from the harbour. The grade A listed Buchan Ness lighthouse sits just south of the town, and the notorious Peterhead Prison has been converted into a museum. The museum is rather dark, rather disturbing but an an absolute must visit. Peterhead is one of Aberdeenshire’s cycle demonstration towns where the Council has been investing in cycle lanes, so it’s worth putting the town on your agenda just to show support for that project!Peterhead is Aberdeenshire’s largest town and you will no be short of facilities. Car parking for day visits can be found in Maiden Street.