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Garmouth is a small village and is famed as the landing place of King Charles II on his return from exile in 1650. The River Spey is the dominant feature and the estuary is a constantly changing environment, creating a succession of habitats from bare shingle to coastal grasslands, and brackish saltmarsh to wet woodland. If you have time you could cross to the east side of the river via the magnificent Spey Viaduct and visit Spey Bay, which has a museum and offers dolphin watching trips. It’s one the flatter parts of North East Scotland so if you are seeking a location with a few slightly easier rides, Garmouth (to Elgin and to Lossiemouth) could be a great starting point. Local cycling highlight has to be the old railway bridge over the River Spey, which these days is one of the greatest sections of bike path you’ll find anywhere. If arriving by car for a day trip you’ll find a small car park on the cycle path route at the south side of the village (follow bike route signs). If busy you will find parking down in the village next to the park and recycling centre.