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Although Lossiemouth has been settled for over a thousand years, the current town was established 250 years ago. Formally a fishing village, the economy is dominated by the RAF base. There are two world-class golf courses, which might be the only courses in the world to have landing lights strewn across them you will feel like you can touch the jets as they come in to land. The courses are associated with three former British prime ministers Arthur James Balfour, Herbert Asquith and James Ramsay MacDonald. The Covesea Lighthouse is to the west, and there are some wonderful beaches and cliff walks on the Moray Coast Trail to enjoy. It’s one of the North East’s great fishing ports, but there are more pleasure boats in the harbour these days. Seaside tourism in Scotland (pre-pandemic at any rate) isn’t quite what it used to be, but Lossie remains a family favourite for a beach visit – there are few better beaches in Scotland – although sadly the old wooden bridge the East beach is closed and there will be a new bridge constructed in due course. This area is one of the flattest anywhere in Scotland, so if you fancy gently easing yourself into cycling in North Esast Scotland, a trip to Lossiemouth is a perfect option..If you are arriving by car on a day trip you’ll find parking near the harbour at Pitgaveny Street. If it’s a fine day in summer Lossiemouth will be busy. Plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and ice cream options. You will find hotels and B&Bs if you want to make it a weekend.