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Alford To Rhynie (11 Miles)

The Alford to Rhynie route here is a little shorter than the A road version, but it’s a lot tougher going, featuring the mighty climb over the Suie.The route leaves Alford to the north, immediately crossing the River Don and through the small village of Montgarrie. From Tullynessle School, which you will pass after just over 2 miles, the Suie climb begins. It’s long and stready climb up through Tullynessle where you will pass the church and War Memorial on the right. But all this is just a warm up for Suie Hill which starts proper the second you turn a sharp right hand bend. It’s longer and less steep this direction with a 2 mile slog to the top, where you will find wonderful views open up over much of Central AberdeenshireThe 12% sign at the top has become something of an icon in local cycling and provided you have a clear day, does invite a stop and photograph. The way down is shorter and sharper so please mind your speed, particularly as half way down you have to make a very sharp left hard turn. After the turn it gets faster and is one of those hills that (this direction) does allow a proper run-off to keep the momentum. From the foot of the descent it’s on to the small village of Clatt, which as an attractive small church and cemetery. From here there are two roads to Rhynie and the distance is broadly the same whichever way you go. Our route takes us over to Auchmenzie before dropping into the pretty village of Rhynie with it’s wonderful wide open village Square.The interactive map below shows the route (press play if you can’t see it). Once you have clicked into the map it will show an option for MENU on the top right corner. This menu will provide a link to elevation profile (Hills), download of files for use on GPS devices and the opportunity to add photos or comments.After reaching Rhynie, onward rides can be found on the Rhynie page here